LOCATION: Brighton and Hove
PROJECT TYPE: Social housing competition
PROJECT STATUS: 2015 Feasibility study
Rotherfield Mews housing scheme is located on a circular landlocked site.  Its jagged boundary is defined by back gardens and series of garages peppered around the site.
The proposed layout of the site is informed by its surrounding context. An east-west axis continues an existing route from the main street. The proposed scheme accommodates a row of four houses orientated to benefit from the long views towards the west. Their rhythm is broken by the main axis where the building form is pulled apart.  On the upper level, the two volumes are linked by a series of terraces which are introduced to maximise the use of the site, floating above the ground to accommodate carports and road below.
The courtyard houses re articulated by a series of private amenity spaces, in form of gardens, courtyards, and terraces. The courtyards provide privacy and maximise daylighting into the spaces, while the elevated terraces provide long views to the west. Each house benefits from dual aspect with windows strategically positioned to avoid overlooking. Sloping roofs are introduced to maximise daylight into the upper levels.  The sloping silhouettes are stepped in a rhythm to follow the topography of the land, mimicking the jagged character of the site sloping, to provide a strong identity that would be celebrated in the new neighbourhood.


RIBA Chartered Practice

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