LOCATION: Richmond

PROJECT TYPE: Residential Extension

PROJECT STATUS: Completed 2015


Dai House occupies an end of terrace housing block adjacent to a garage site. The garage site partially cuts into the rear garden, resulting in an irregular form.
A new volume is added to the back of the house to form a continuation of the living space.  This garden extension accommodates a sitting area overlooking the garden and new court, and a bathroom pushed up against the boundary to maximise the connectivity with the existing living space.   The extension defines a new open court to its side, splitting the garden into two distinct spaces and transforming a hidden unused area into an active new outdoor living space. To respond to the unique shape of the garden, corner opening glazed doors are introduced, which strengthen the connection between the house and the garden.
A well-proportioned window provides privacy to the bathroom while framing the view of the garden. This deliberately contrasts with a more open nature of the sitting area result in asymmetrical elevations, capturing the distinctly different functions of each space from outside. The house is finished in high quality materials.  The brickwork matches the original house while its articulated form, which has derived from the site constraint, gives this extension originality within its surroundings.


RIBA Chartered Practice

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